Tuesday, May 15, 2012


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         Dear visitors

Hi there! My name is Joel Souza Dantas, nice to meet you! Let me tell something about myself. I was born in Estância, in 1981, and nowadays I live in Aracaju. I have brothrs and sisters, and I am single but I have a person what I like much.

For the past last years, I have worked at Soducato Auto Peças and studied at Universidade Federal de Sergipe and Yázigi Internexus (English),which I think is very important for me.

In my free time I enjoy visiting my family and my friends, but I don't really like lie,I am very good at real people and people who are funny and intelligent. One day I would really like to visit U.S.A

My favorite food is pasta, now I don't have favorite TV program.     

 I am Joel; I have 31 old years age,I was born in 1981. My last name is Dantas and middle name is Souza.
I think what my name is part of my identity,my name is very important. when I think of myself, probably think of my name. Sometime I am boring, creative, nerdy, serious,shy, independent, adventurous but always I am friendly.
My family is in Estância but I live in Aracaju since 2010, with my brother, your name is João.
I am very happy now, because I have a big love, is all for of me.
I love my friends, my family, I love study and all what for me.
Well, that's all for the moment, thanks for reading, bye!

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