Thursday, May 31, 2012

English, an International Language

Why learn English
Because English is the most important international language in the world. Some facts prove that: English is the international language of air and sea travels, of computing, of pop music, of politics, of science and medicine, sports, TV and films.
The world today is a very small place. Communication and travel are extremely quick: think of jet planes, satellite TV, telephones, telex and fax, the Internet, for example.
Because of this, we need  a common language, and this language is English.
English is the first language in: Australia, The Bahamas, Canada, Ireland, Guyana, New Zealand, The United States.
  And it is the official second language in many other countries such as: India, Nigeria, South Africa, Israel...
    English is slowly becoming more than one language in very country it is spoken there are differences in some vocabulary words, in some grammatical structures.
  British English and American English: What is different? Let's see some differences:
AMERICAN ENGLISH                              BRITISH ENGLISH
apartment                                                       flat                                            
automobile                                                      car
cab                                                                   taxi
candy                                                               sweet
gas                                                                    petrol
mail                                                                  post
elevator                                                            lift
stove                                                                 cooker
subway                                                             underground
vacation                                                            holiday
Do you have a problem                                   Have you a problem                                 

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